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Date: 22 May 2011 00:22:00
Title: Day 4 22nd May 2011

Diatonic; Sunday 22 May 2011; 15:00 UTC; 36 35N, 54 18W


What a fantastic 2 days of sailing we are enjoying. Saturday saw us romping away with Genny and Main at a steady 7.5 kn untill lunchtime when the wind veered to let us put up the assymetric spinnaker and increase our speed to 8.5 - 9.1 kn. We can just about hold the rumb line although we do have the option to bear away to the Middle or Northern route. The assymetric was kept up till about 3am when the crew decided to play hardball with the wind that was heading us and split the sail in half and removed the leach. The Genny was rolled out but still gave us 8kn, David and Paul will be working tirelessley on reduced beer rations during the next 5 days to repair the spinniker.

Since the start of this leg we have used the engine for only once on Friday night for one and half hours when the wind dropped to 6 or 7 kns so hoping the present higher speeds will help our position. We have heard a couple of bigger yachts including Surya on the VHF so they must be close and suggests we are doing OK.


Domestically not quite such good fun when the hottest curry ever made was served up with additional chillies and hot sauce on top. The heads later protested in a nasty way by blocking the discharge pipe. Paul was the lucky person to last use them so he spent a most undignified hour clearing it. Apart from that we are all eating very well and looking for the nearest beer tanker.


Alas no fish! despite protestations how good they were at fishing the crew resorted to opening a can of Tuna for lunch yesterday. Hauling in a line with a chewed wire trace and missing lure we are tring to convince our selves that the biggest fish got away.


The sun is shining and although crew are sunbathing or ploughing through our library of music and films we still manage to trim the sails to get the best.  


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