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Date: 14 Dec 2009 02:19:53
Title: Made It

13 05.4N 59 36.7W
Arrived 8am Local time - 1200 UTC
Another rough night with winds gusting up to 35 knots and a very bumpy ride with little sleep. However the thought of sun drenched beaches kept our morale up. Trouble was when we arrive there were big black clouds covering Barbados and some rain which is to be expected this time of year. The skies cleared by 11 am and it became quite hot.  It is quite a relief to have completed this voyage and certainly a relief from the contant rolling. We do feel a sense of achievement having done it on our own and would do it again but in a larger boat (Di....).Although we all enjoyed the cooking it was sometimes a chore on top of the watch keeping routines and I would prefer a 4th crew member as permanant cook.
Tried to get in to Port St Charles to clear customs but couldn't get them on the radio. When we released the dinghy to go to the office found a 2" hole in one of the tubes. Tried to patch it up and decided to sail down to Bridgetown while it dries . Had a broad reach in flat water with 30 knots of wind and exciting speeds of 9 knots.
We had to take Diatonic into the main harbour with 4 large cruise ships in order to clear customs and immigration. This took a couple of hours before we proceded to the anchorage at Carlylse Bay. Pumped the dinghy up but had to pump every 10 mins to keep afloat so first job is to find a repair specialist.
Bridgetown at night is very busy and a bit of a disapointment with the thumping dnce music everwhere but will check it out in daylight tomorrow.Once wev'e done the impotant things will probably anchor in one of three bays we pased. These look like your Caribbean island dreams with empty golden beaches and clear turquoise waters.
Will post another blog in about a week when we have collected some experiences.and photos.

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