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Date: 15 Nov 2007 22:30:46
Title: Day 13 - Calms: motoring

Date: 16 Nov 2007, 1100 local time (GMT +13)
Position: 31:36.2S 174:56.1E
Day's run: 101 nm
Course: 165
Distance to run: 214 nm

We can almost smell the sheep! Today we've got calm winds, flattish seas and we've been motoring now for over 24 hours. We're making a bit of easting as SE winds are forecast for our approach but this will keep us at sea longer.

Earliest possible ETA is now Sunday lunchtime, depending on winds.

During the night there was a lot of chatter between a group of boats on the VHF, VHF is line-of-sight only so there are other boats heading eastwards a bit as well, which makes me feel better. Decision-making when tired is a fraught business!

Morale is good on board today as we hear that Monica's sister will be in Opua on Tuesday!

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