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Date: 09 Nov 2007 22:15:00
Title: Day 7 - A bit lumpy

Date: 10 Nov 2007, 1100 local time (GMT +13)
Position: 26:09.9S 178:19.2W
Day's run: 102 nm
Course: 230
Distance to run: 589nm

Yesterday we had flat calm seas, cloudless skies and we mwt up with Myrdinn for a chat and photo session. Last night the wind got up to 20knots or so and a horrid lumpy sea, rain and cloud. We're now heading much more west than we planned to go over the top of a nasty Low that has formed and which should pass south of us. This will then leave us with a very long hard slog to windward to get down to NZ.

We're now in the Eastern hemisphere!

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