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Date: 07 Nov 2007 22:57:15
Title: Day 5 - Under way again - light winds

Date: 8 Nov 2007, 1100 local time (GMT +13)
Position: 23:51.0S 179:04.5W
Day's run: n/a nm
Course: 197
Distance to run: 796nm

We had a great, if short, stay in N Minerva and now we're underway again. The forecast is mixed and contradictory so we don't know what we're going to get as we head south, but we expect strong winds in a couple of day's time.

Currently we're motorsailing and taking care not to run into South Minerva Reef!

We've just opened our last coconut with our machete, a fitting farewell to the tropics that we've now left 20 miles or so behind us, and that we've enjoyed for the last two years or so.

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