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Date: 03 Nov 2007 22:29:39
Title: Day 1 - light head winds

Date: 4 Nov 2007, 1100 local time (GMT +13)
Position: 19:32.8S 174:57.1W
Day's run: 90nm
Course: 220
Distance to run: 1180nm

We finally got the green light from our NZ weather forecast chappy so, along with about 10 other boats, we left Tonga yesterday lunch time. Since then we have had to do a fair bit of motoring, quite a lot of drifting, some sailing, and some brisk sailing under a squall last night. It's good to be at sea again, but it'll be better once get a little more breeze. As I write we're sailing at a whopping 1.9 knots!

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