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Date: 29 Aug 2007 00:28:01
Title: Day 5 - Full Lunar eclipse

Date: 28 August, 1200 local time (GMT -10)
Position: 18:03.8S 162:47.7W
Day's run: 136nm
Course: 249
Distance to run: 21nm

Full moon last night, really bright. Whilst I was reading my book by head-torch I looked up thinking it was dark. The moon was 3/4 eclipsed and after another 15 minutes it was totally eclipsed. What a sight; no cloud, no light pollution of any description and a totally clear sky, oh for a steady platform for some photos! It took me 3 attempts to wake Tom up to see the eclipse which, coincidentally, he had talked about earlier that evening! The eclipse lasted a good hour and a half before the moon uncovered. To see this in the middle of the Pacific is unforgettable!

21 miles to go to Palmerston.

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