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Date: 14 Jun 2007 00:43:51
Title: Day 21 - 3 weeks at sea. No wind...

Date: 13 June 2007, 1200 local time (GMT -9)
Position: 09:45.7S 134:57.3W
Day's run: 104nm
Course: 264
Distance to run: 223nm

Very frustrating: no wind so we're having to motor. In the night the light SE went round to the N in the space of 2 minutes and put the crusing chute into the rigging, no damage I hope...

It was a black old night and as we drifted into the sunset we could see a solid wall of black ahead with the promise of wind, rain, thunder etc. As it happens we had none of it, just a cloudy night.

We saw a Pilot whale off the Stbd quarter this morning.

Hoping for wind soon!

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