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Date: 08 Jun 2007 01:12:17
Title: Day 15 - Less than 1000 miles to go!

Date: 7 June 2007, 1200 local time (GMT -8)
Position: 07:59.1S 123:26.7W
Day's run: 135nm
Course: 257
Distance to run: 920nm

We've now sailed over 2000 miles on this trip and we have less than 1000 to go! Must not get too excited...

Had to restitch the bottom of the genny again in a different place, the constant banging around is hard work on the sails.

The steering line from the WindPilot self steering chafed through today and gybed the boat whilst I was asleep. Luckily the various preventers did their stuff, but if it was blowing it may have been a different story... I checked that line about two days ago, no sign of chafe at all in the place where it went. Luckily had spare line ready for just that job, just in case...

Wind very light today from the stern but not too much sea so the sails are not banging around. We are having a pleasant day sailing; Monica has done some clothes washing and I've been busy on boat jobs. The boys made a lemon cake - yum!

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