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Date: 07 Jun 2007 04:10:08
Title: Day 14 - 2 weeks at sea

Date: 6 June 2007, 1200 local time (GMT -8)
Position: 07:28.1S 121:13.7W
Day's run: 138nm
Course: 272
Distance to run: 1058nm

We've been going now for two weeks, sailed nearly 2000 miles at an average
speed of 5.7 knots.

We spent most of the last 24 hours under jib alone at speeds of up to 6
knots, with quite a comfortable motion despite the continuing confused seas.
I must say that the seas are totally at odds with what I was expecting out

I'm feeling more refreshed today having spent more time resting yesterday
than I normally do. It is really tiring existing on a boat at sea in any
form of seaway and add to this a few acrobatic sail-changes and the
tiredness really takes hold.

Repaired the kicking strap today and replaced the lower lashings of the
towed generator. Thw water tank remains full thanks to the watermaker and
all of our power continues to come from the towed gen and the solar panels

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