From Dover to Norway in one tack.....takk!

John & Lucy Strachan
Mon 7 Sep 2020 14:57
Firstly, can I apologies for non comms over the last few days.
We have been a wee bit busy.

The 'boys' as the Captain and fourth mate affectionately like to call them arrived, in Cherbourg on Tuesday night. A wee bit like 'Planes, trains and automobiles' but at least they have arrived safely.
Captain John, First Mate Dougie, Second Mate Mark

A wee glass of wine was partaken and then to bed. 

We rose at 6 in order for the crew to be briefed by the Captain.
Preview attachment IMG_3994.JPGcrew to be briefed and then with lots of waves from new found friends on the pontoon, we were off.
What a day! Glorious sunshine and lovely to get the sails up.
Duties were allocated and the crew were in good spirits.
The first meal was Poulet a la Lucia.  Made by the fourth mate. And, as per usual, though she says it herself, a triumph! (Thanks Mammie!)

Watches started with Dougie on 21.00 - 00.00, John 00.00-03.00, Lucy 03.00-06.00 Mark 06.00-09.00.
It was so lovely to eventually see the lights off the south coast of England.  Especially after such a quiet night crossing the channel with little traffic.
Most importantly, it was Mark's birthday! A wee card and pressy, and a secretly stowed birthday cake in the evening. Sadly we couldn't light the candle as it wouldn't even light it in the winds!
As we were approaching the white cliffs of Dover, things began to change.
With updates from the shipping news and weather reports, we knew it was going to be a bumpy ride. Ha, ha........ ha!!

Dougie was on supper duty that night, a delicious salmon, lemon and creme fraiche ensemble. Poor Dougie had the horror of cooking in a storm.  He was like a queasy meerkat popping up every so often to get a breath of fresh air.  The chef, in his rush to get the cooking done quickly,  sadly cut his thumb on a new ikea knife .  Doctor John was on hand to administer first aid.  All was good. The meal was gorgeous.

During the night, the wind built up. Topping off at 37 knots.(force 7)
IMG_3978 (1).JPG                 68225ECB-EECF-4068-8E84-F367801F7087_1_105_c.jpeg 
And it didn't really get much better after that!

The next morning, the fourth mate awoke, ..... airbourne!!

To be honest with you, the rest of the journey is a bit of a blur to the fourth mate and from now on she has to refer to the rest of the brave crew as to what actually went on.

Most meals were eaten up on deck, clinging on to cups of cuppa soups, super noodles and sandwiches.  Much Sturgeon was partaken.
Naps were taken when possible. 
Supper the following night was conjured up by aspiring and up coming chef, the second mate Marko Pierre White.  A delicious tomato, lentil and chicken dish was produced.  The extra surprise was some warm rolls which delighted the crew .

The storm kept building and the crew battled on.  Fourth mate's one memory was, when coming out of her cabin.  she was told, under no certain terms, was she to come on deck. The image of her husband screaming...'you won't like this, I'm going to do your shift' as his silhouette was backlit by, what can only be described, as the wave from the 'Perfect Storm' is one she will never, ever forget!! 
Using the heads in such conditions is an interesting conundrum!
The boys have their own theories and methods of direction and approach.
The fourth mate wishes she had been born a boy.

Fourth night, the Captain took his turn with creating the well known dish, gnocchi a la Lucia.  Chorizo and gnocchi in a tomato sauce with loads of cheddar cheese. (thanks fourth mate!)

I may be putting the journey in a slightly bad light.  It has had some spectacular moments as well.  A pod of dolphins playing in the wake at the bow.  Passing wind farms and oil platforms.  Watching Roger (our friendly fulmer, who accompanied  us for quite a way) 
The skies have been stunning and it very humbling being at the mercy of the elements.

There have been various things which have gone wrong with the boat.
We couldn't understand the really loud banging at the bow.  On further investigation we discovered that the chain for the anchor had slipped and the anchor was dragging in the water. The result is a lot of superficial paint damage to the boat.
The wobbly seat is back!!!( Matteas, we want some of our whisky back!)
During one particularly strong point of the storm the Captain was sent airborne and flying through the lee cloth (the sheet that keeps you in your bed) breaking it!

Dougie, one night, had a psychological battle with two tug boats which were towing small subs. Each way he turned to keep out of their way, they followed.  We think they were messing with him.
Mark got caught out by a large tanker, which snuck on him from behind.
The anchor chain slipped again and John had to go up to the bow in huge winds
thank god he was harnessed and strapped on. The biggest wave came from nowhere and hit him.  It took an age for the wave to disappear and reveal that he was still there....much to the fourth mates relief.

I'm not going to lie, there have been tears from the fourth mate.  I mean, really, who leaves just 2 pieces of loo paper on the roll and thinks they don't have to replace it!

On one tack and 710 miles later,  we are now parallel with Shetland and in the south of Norway. Very glad to see land.
More bad weather is on the way. The village of Skudenshavn, was stunning.
Although we were only there for supper and bed.  An early start this morning.
Everyone is loving the scenery and the fourth mate is busily trying to track down Morten Harket's address!!!  (lead singer from A-ha!)

We hope to be in Bergen in a couple of days and will up date you again shortly

Loads of love 
the crew of Broadsword

Post note musings by the fourth mate.

Never try and strike up a long conversation with a family trying to catch the ferry from Cherbourg to Ireland, ......especially when the husband is actually the captain of the ferry!

Never try and explain the background to the name of a lovely German couple.

Try and remember your geography and not look shocked when lovely couple from Austria are explaining that they will be leaving their boat in Cherbourg and not taking it home with them.