OSTAR day 16

British Beagle
Charles Emmett
Wed 12 Jun 2013 15:31


Day 15

Tuesday 11th June 12.00 BST

Position – 44 29 64N 44 51 68W

Log 1,897 miles (152 over last 24 hours)


Sorry – this is a bit late but due to weather conditions yesterday  had no internet connection.


Not much blog today.


The wind this afternoon has got itself up to a westerly gale with 30+kn on the nose.  As I am unable to make much headway (in the right direction) as I can only sail at about 50° AWA at best, I have decided to go hove-to for a few hours and try to make some further repairs to my alternator.


It is disappointing as over the last 24 hours I have had a blinding run of 152 miles – and managed to take 20 miles out of Jeroboam – although I will be giving that back and more this afternoon.


However, I think this is the right decision given my circumstances – I can hopefully get a bit of juice into the batteries, turn everything off so I am not drawing any power and get some rest – as I was hand steering most of the night.  It was a beautiful clear night, although a bit cold, with tons of stars and the most amazing phosphorescence (I think that’s how it’s spelt) dancing around the boat.


One bit of good news is that at 0900 this morning I had more dolphins playing in my bow wave – and this time there was a small school of them, I would guess about a dozen –it was a wonderful sight.


Hopefully back tomorrow with some more positive news.



C, Boris and Beagle