Sunday 26 June

Carla and Richard
Sun 26 Jun 2011 17:38
46:55N and 16:07W
The wind veered to the West overnight and has since gone to the North 350 to 0 degrees and from what we can gather it is due to stay like this for about 24 hours. This means that we are likely to be on this tack at a heading of 060 for that time, this is good as that is the course we need to Falmouth yaaayyy!  At the moment the wind is 8 - 10 knots enabling us a speed of 5 - 6 knots. It is likely to increase over night. We are giving ourselves a gentle pat on the back for managing to avoid the holes and positioning ourselves so that we should make it back on one tack (holding my breath again, I am going to stop breathing soon if I keep making comments like that!)
We have been very lucky with the weather on this trip so that even if it rained the rest of the time we still would have had a good run (please don't!) I say that it has been spitting for the last few hours and does not look like it will be stopping anytime soon... Hence why I am spending a good deal of my time down below and every now and then popping my head up to check everything is ok on deck. It is times like this that I cannot explain the relief of having the autohelm working (I would now be on deck soaked through asking myself why any sane person goes offshore racing).  I am even contemplating having a little read of my book in a bit (surely not, there must be something more useful I could be doing?!)
I hope everyone at home is enjoying a nice roast dinner tonight...we are having Cumbrian lamb hotpot (from a packet).