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Date: 21 Jul 2003 02:50:22
Title: Compedtition


How long will it take Avalon to sail to the Marquesas?
This is the $64,000 question that we are currently discussing.
Help us out by having a guess at the Days, Hours and Minutes that it will take
 Avalon to sail between the Galapagos Islands and the
Marquesas Islands of the South Pacific. (approximately 3000 nautical miles!)
Whilst we aren't offering any money we do have this very nice 2004 Galapagos wildlife Calender for the
 person who can guess the closest to the time taken for the voyage.
Entries can  be emailed to: avalonsailing {CHANGE TO AT} yahoo {DOT} com (not mailasail please)
Cut off is August 1st and we will check to find the closest guess when we get there!!
Some helpful facts;
The total distance port to port is 2920nm, but we will make the finish line 10 miles off in case we have to wait for daybreak to pass the reef.
 Avalon's hull speed is about 6.5 knots but the south equatorial current should give us nearly 1 more knot.
The wind will be lighter (10 knots) and more southerly to start getting fresher (15-18 we hope!) and more easterly as we get closer to Polynesia.
A maxi racer could do it in 11 days and some other sub 30 foot boats have managed under 25 days.

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