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Date: 01 Jul 2003 22:10:36
Title: Not quite Galapagos!

Though not in the Galapagos we are in Ecuador.  We had constant headwinds (somewhat expected!) after we cleared the Gulf of Panama, so best course was to head south for the Equator. This took a while as the cool South American current was against us and the wind stayed a little stronger than wanted. As we had already been out for five wet days, with five more to get to the Galapagos, we headed in Esmeraldas a fishing port in North Ecuador to seal up a few leaks and wait for a wind shift. 
Here are the last photos of Panama and a couple of Ecuador.
Old Panama city                            The new city sky line, more tall buildings than Melbourne. Happy hour at Balboa YC with the usual suspects
Brett and Leslie about to fly back to the Goldcoast                                                   Mark and Cathy from SV Tramonto. Hope to see them in Galapagos
The weather contrast from Panama to Ecuador 500 miles south is amazing. Sailing at night required full wet weather gear to stay warm as the cold current flows north.
 Fishing with what you got!!          
                                                                                                                                    Fixing a few casualties of a windward passage!
Puerto Esmeraldas, Ecuador 0 59 N 79 40 W
(Not a good spot to park 30ft sailboat!)

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