Hurricane update Sat 5th September

Brian & Loretto Linehan
Sun 5 Sep 2010 19:34
Hi all,

Just thought I would update the hurricane situation - or lack of.

Well the decks of the boat were bare, the sails all safely stored in a
shed well up from any possible flooding. And then - nothing! Not even a
squall to justify all the hard work. The nearest we got to wind was on
Friday morning when a cold front which was coming in from the west brought
some slightly strong wind for a couple of hours.

So Earl thought he would stay out in the Atlantic and bypassed the coast
of Maryland - thank God.

The weather is lovely now - still warm but only in the 80s. We have had a
lot of visitors to the marina yesterday and today as it is Labor Day
weekend. Brian and the older girls have gone to Annapolis to buy some
last minute stuff for Grainne & Megan as they return to the UK on Tuesday
next. I am going back with them to help get ready for school/college and
to visit Mum & Dad & family in Ireland for a couple of days. I return to
the US on Wednesday 15th.

We had more good news on the exam front for Megan. She had sat four GCSE
exams in May last and the result is three As and a B - a very happy girl.

Hope the return to school is going well for those concerned. I will write
again on my return.