Wed 18 Jun 2014 07:54
It seemed to work first time so I am trying again encouraged by some of the comments from the family!!
11.06.14 The weather forecast suggests we could leave today and have a beat before north easterlies set in later so off we go at 1330 hours in sunshine. The forecast was right about the first bit bit the north easterlies did not arrive so we have been beating for 48 hours covering 290 nm through the water but only 250 nm down our rhumb line but pleasant sailing.
Buzzed twice at low level by Irish Border Patrol Plane and then watched carefully by the boat patrolling the exclusion zone around two gas platforms.
12.06.14 Let me introduce you to DUNCAN he is a Hydrovane Self Steering System which uses no battery power, acts as a spare rudder in the event we lose our main rudder and steers a better course in certain conditions than the crew can - why call it DUNCAN. Well we had a chocolate brown Labrador much loved by the whole family and others who was strong, occassionally misbehaved, stoic, a trust worthy friend, our DUNC. I did try to introduce pictures but that is a bit difficult for my level of skill, maybe another time.
As we yawed around an exciting dinner appeared on deck served in tupperware type plastic boxes - we had thought of using plastic dog bowls.
We are getting used to the sunshine and blue seas surprisingly quickly and I have finally finished a bottle of suncream that has been onboard whilst we have been in Scotland since 2005 (nine years), I don't expect the next bottle to last that long.
13.06.14 Friday the 13th came and went without incident except that a call from Sarah on our satelite phone which I missed had me worried as she would only call if something monumental had happened. It had, she has been given a promotion which she richly deserves and following the events over the recent months with the merger of her company this was a great relief - and on Friday 13th. It was interesting to note that none of us mentioned it, but once midnight came and we moved to the 14th it became obvious we had each harboured our own quiet thoughts.
14.06.14 As the wind started to build from the north east we began breaching in 20 knts warm and sunny. Through the night in winds of force 5/6 gusting 7 DUNCAN steered us without any fuss and better than we could have done in the dark and the sea conditions maintaining 7/8 knts for the majority of the time. We made three course changes during the night to avoid other ships, easily managed with the AIS identifying the targets then giving their course of the ground, speed and contact details allowing us to call them up on the VHF radio if we felt the need.
15.06.14 We had planned on Baiona as the first port of call but with a weather forecast warning of Gale 8 and 9 we decided to alter course to La Coruna, with ANIKA on a charge at 8 plus knts on a reach in winds of 20/28 knts.
ANIKA is living up to her reputation as an ocean going yacht revelling in the elements which Viv is hardly surprised about - warms winds, blue seas, cloudless skies - she has a point.
Real Club Nautico Marina was going to be our home for two nights.
ANIKA and her crew had successfully crossed the Bay of Biscay           Welcome to Gallicia Spain
As you know writing like this does not come naturally so I am going off now for a cup of coffee.
This is sent as we pass close by Cabo Fisterra (Cape Finisterre - translation Lands End)
Lots of love to all