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Date: 19 Jan 2013 14:25:35
Title: Barbados bound 14 48N 28 18W

1407 Z jan 19th
COG 275 ish
Spd 5 - 8 but we did do 9 knots a few times
Wind NE 16 - 30
Swell NE 2 - 3 Metres

This morning we worked out we had done 230 nms
Day 2 Barbados here we come, so far we have had winds as low as 7 knots but pleased to say now we have between 17 up to 30 knts. I checked the highest speed it said 9 knots. In these seas we prefer to go a little slower, we are being thrown around quite a lot.
I managed to lose 2 eggs again, they were in a jug ready to beat but as soon as my back was turned they decided they were not going to be eaten, their destination, the worktop, sides and front of the cooker then proceeded to the floor and the mat. I keep getting comments like don't let her near the eggs, whoops.

As for sleeping arrangements, Don athwart on our bed which means I have to go elsewhere. No idea how Karen manages to get any sleep in the forward cabin. Ern prefers the sofa behind the table. Me, tried every where, so I'm on the floor between the engine and the washer I lie on one of the sofa cushions with cushions either side, then I make sort of an envelope with a lightweight blanket.

Not much wildlife yet, flying fish in big groups that's about it. Don is trying his best to fish but all he managed was what looked like the lips from a fish. So glad we are not relying on him catching anything.

The swell is on our quarter making us corkscrew, as for sails its just the jenny and a bit of main, its too rough and rolly to fit the parasailer yet.

The sun has broken through the clouds now which is good and its quite warm today hopefully it won't be too cold tonight.

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