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Date: 22 Dec 2006 16:44:29
Title: Day four - fish for dinner!

Noon position 23:34.2N 19:26.2W
Days run a slightly better 134nm
Well, day four and we have a fish! Not enormous, I grant you, but plenty enough for dinner for two, even after my cack-handed attempt to fillet it and all the waste that entailed.
It's a smallish dorada, not unlike the first one that got away yesterday, caught on another pink squidy lure that I found at the bottom of the tacklebox.
Made a bit of a mess of the back of the boat what with all the thrashing about, but once I'd restrained her Tracy calmed right down. Boom boom.
We're still plodding away at the back of our little fleet, the wind can't quite make it's mind up and is currently blowing at around 25-30kts but every now and then drops off to 15 kts. Still, we're making progress heading south towards the easterly trade winds which will hopefully be a bit more consistent, and managed to cover a bit more ground in the last 24 hours than previously. 
Still in touch with the others via the radio sched, and everyone seems to be settling into a bit of a routine now after the first few days of getting used to interrupted sleep etc.
Finally, I know I promised you a picture of the ham, but that was before we caught a fish, so you'll have to wait!

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