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Date: 21 Dec 2006 19:33:02
Title: Rolling along

Noon position 24:51.6N 17:26.8W 
Days run a still unimpressive 110 miles or so.
First there's no wind, then there's too much, finally we have a manageable amount and we're making progress without being too uncomfortable. We still aren't covering a lot of ground, and are still behind our group of friends out here, but it's a distinct improvement on yesterday.
The following is for the eyes of sailing types only, landlubbers will not, I fear, understand:
The wind is now directly behind us so we've dropped the mainsail and are using just the headsail, held out to starboard using a snatch block as a barber hauler. Being a catamaran this has the same effect as poling out the genoa but without a pole, and seems to be working well. It's a new thing for us and so far, so good.
OK landlubbers, tune in again now.
Just before the 1800 radio sched we heard the exciting sound of the fishing reel screaming, indicating our first fish strike. Huzzah! Turned out to be a smallish Dorada / MahiMahi, which we managed to get as far as the back of the boat before it spat the hook and lure out and went on it's way. Bugger. Also broke the new fishing rod holder. Bugger again. So we stuck the rod in our other holder and within five minutes the reel was screaming again. We'll never know what it was as it took off like a bat out of hell, taking a lot of line off the reel before we could get to it and then breaking the line completely. From the brief feel of the rod before the line broke (50lb line mind you) it certainly seemed big so it's probably best it got away as it might have eaten us. Shame it nicked my nice pink squid lure though. I think I've got another one somewhere...
Finally, the ham's bearing up well, as I know you all want to hear, I might treat you to a picture tomorrow.

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