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Date: 20 Dec 2006 12:31:06
Title: Adios Las Palmas!

26:33.1N 16:14.8W       Days run an unimpressive 106nm.
So, we're off! Left Las Palmas yesterday (Tuesday) at 1230 into the forecast very light winds, meaning we had to motor for hours but only using one engine to conserve fuel, which is slow. Had a brief stop after a couple of hours as we were getting a lot of cavitation from the props and decided we'd (well, I'd) better jump over the side to check and clean them. Didn't find too much growth but a quick clean improved matters - and that was just me! Jumping into the Atlantic seems to be becoming a habit, having had to do the same in Biscay to clear a net. Yes, it is chilly.
Finally got some wind around 0400 this morning so got some sails up, and it has increased to 15-18kts so now we're making a more respectable speed of 6.5 - 7 kts.
Our unplanned stop and slow motoring means that we're now a little behind the group of boats that we left with, but we have a radio sched at 1000 and 1800 every day so are keeping in touch with everybody. The fishing rod has just been deployed, anticipating great things, and now for the news you've been waiting for: the ham has been started and is very nice indeed. In fact it's difficult to walk past it and not pause to slice a piece off. Mmm!

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