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Date: 18 Dec 2006 21:10:19
Title: The Jamon has landed!

Well, it's looking like we'll be off tomorrow! After a hectic day rushing about doing last minute shopping, replacing a faulty bilge pump (fault discovered while checking they worked - we've got six and this one didn't - yes, the air was blue), trying to stow away enough food for three months never mind three weeks, and sundry other jobs, we're very nearly ready. We're both sitting in the yacht club as I write, enjoying a well earned beer for the last time in a while - we don't drink while sailing, although an exception might be made for Christmas and New Year.
But never mind all that other cobblers, the most important news is that the ham has been purchased and is safely installed on board awaiting it's first tasting. Yes folks, we have an entire pig's leg on it's own wooden stand just dying to be nibbled. Actually I rather hope it's already dead but you get the picture - 8 kilos or so of serrano ham (including the bone and hoof and hairy shin of course)! I appreciate that you're all desperate to hear how good it tastes but I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little longer...
We hope to get away before lunchtime tomorrow, and will try to keep this web diary updated as often as possible, inclination and technology permitting!

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