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Date: 23 Jan 2007 18:24:09
Title: Wahay Bequia!

Position 13:00.6N 61:14.5W


Well here we are in Bequia (pronounced “beckway”), anchored in Admiralty Bay, off the town of Port Elizabeth, and very nice it is too! Unlike the crossing from Barbados which wasn’t so great, what with no wind and then squalls and rain etc. Still, it was only an overnighter, chicken feed for us hardy blue water cruisers! We arrived here last Friday morning, and have been busy since then doing, erm, hang on, have to check…ah yes, not very much! We currently have the luxury of internet access on the boat (just for today) via a WiFi connection from a shorebased internet café so we’ve been able to catch up on all the stuff we needed to – emails and banking etc – as well as all the crap we don’t need but like watching, like Pompey’s position in the premiership and David Beckham’s movements, not forgetting the fine weather that the British Isles seems to be experiencing of late! For the record, it’s currently (1300 local time) 29 degrees, sunny, light breeze from the east, and so on. Sorry about that, European viewers, gloat on, Caribbean viewers.


Since we’ve got a faster internet connection at the moment, we’ll stick a few more pics on – this is Adonde plus crew anchored off Bridgetown, Barbados.
















While we were in Menorca back in 2001, as you probably already know I (Neil) worked as a diving instructor for the summer at a lovely spot called Cala Torret. Among the lucky souls that received instruction from me were a couple of lads called Tom & Chris, whose parents, Andy & Ros, lived in Menorca. And there we were the other day, pootling around the bay in our tender, when who should we meet but Andy & Ros, on their boat Barbaro. Small world eh? They spend the summers in Menorca and the winters in the Caribbean, and while we thought they might be around somewhere it was a bit spooky to stumble across them so soon. They’ve introduced us to a rather splendid rum concoction, the name of which escapes me (to be honest my own name escaped me after a couple of these) but I think I can remember the recipe if you’re interested. And even if you’re not. Take a number of fresh lime segments and squeeze them into a glass, not forgetting to work a bit of the oil out of the zest. Add some cane sugar, pounded up a bit finer with a mortar and pestle. Then add some white rum, apparently quite a lot of it, and some water if you must. Some chunks of ice to finish it off and away you go. Don’t forget to cancel any other engagements you had for the rest of the evening.


And here’s a picky of Admiralty Bay, Bequia, and if you look closely you can see Adonde in the centre of the pic, with the raked mast. Not a bad spot is it! This was taken from a viewing point above the bay (Dur! Really?!) that we stopped at while on a tour of Bequia in a pickup / taxi with half a dozen others.








Almost finally, we’d like to say a really big thank you to everyone that’s been following our progress, slow or otherwise(that's the progress, not the everyone - mind you I suppose it works both ways), on this web diary. We only found out when we arrived in Barbados, and since, that there are hundreds of the faithful out there (some have said thousands but surely that can’t be true?) that have regularly popped in for a look at the blog, many of whom we've never met and don’t know us, which is pretty flabbergasting. We’ll keep updating it as we go along and hopefully we can keep you interested for a bit longer. Ta.


And finally, due to popular demand (yes, really) here’s another piccy of the everlasting Jamon Serrano, just to keep your appetites wetted:






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