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Date: 07 Jan 2007 18:37:02
Title: Day twenty - so near but yet so far...

Noon position 13:54.8N 50:23.4W
Day's run a getting-accustomed-to-it-now 113nm
As the distance to go drops close to 500 miles, and we start to make a list of all the things we'll do in Barbados, the wind disappears. Aargh! We had a slow day yesterday and last night but this morning started OK  with the gennaker up and pulling well in light winds, but now the wind's dropped off to around 10 kts and while it's keeping the sail filled it's not what you'd call exhilarating. We've just had the 1800 radio sched (UTC) and everyone else is in a similar position, in fact most are motoring. I guess we will be too shortly. We'll get a new weather forecast in a minute when I send this, hopefully it'll show a bit more breeze.
For the first time earlier the TTG (time to go) box started to count down below 99hrs 59mins - hurrah! - but now our speeds dropped off it's stuck there again. Bugger.
Not much else to report really; we've had the fishing line out all day but it seems even the fish can't be bothered, it's hot and sticky (29 degrees) so we're going to treat ourselves to a shower shortly. Depending on what the wind does we're between four and five days away from that cold beer...

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