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Date: 05 Jan 2007 18:35:29
Title: Day eighteen - Rain!

Noon position 14:59.3N 46:43.0W
Day's run 130nm
Remember us telling you about strange radar contacts, and our wondering whether they were whales or some such? Well the strange blobs have reappeared for the last couple of nights, but much bigger, leading us to wonder that if they were whales they must be pretty impressive, not to say scary. The mystery was solved in the early hours of this morning when a blob made it's way creeplily towards the boat, and then, yikes, wait for it, it rained! All we were seeing was a localised squall, maybe half a mile in diameter, that brought increased winds and a brief shower, and that was it. Doh! We've never seen anything like that before, at least next time we'll know not to bother with the harpoons and just get our macs out instead.
We've just had a bit more wind and rain as I write, all in all not a particularly nice day, overcast etc but still warm - 26 degrees at the moment. Sorry.
Pretty slow progress today as we felt it was a bit too windy for the gennaker this morning so have been slopping along under genoa alone, steady eddie that's us! Still 725nm to go, and for now we're looking forward to the time when the little box on our chartplotter that shows TTG (Time To Go) actually starts to move - it can only display up to 99hrs 59mins so that's what it's shown for weeks; in only a few more days we should see those figures start to fall which will be encouraging!
By the way, it was chicken for dinner as neither of us could be arsed to fish; maybe tonight...

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