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Date: 03 Jan 2007 17:35:43
Title: Day sixteen - no defeatist talk

Noon position 16:14.4N 42:29.0W
Day's run a not disappointing (see below) 114nm
Today's blog is going to start with a new found sense of optimism regarding the old numbers game.  Being grouchy about speed and lack thereof isn't good for morale, so from now on, as we round the Cape of Less Than 1000 miles To Go, we will have no more of this defeatist talk.  In fact, we are having a rather splendid sail with the gennaker only, making a rather healthy 7.5 knots minimum - and up to 9.5 when surfing down a lovely Atlantic roller.  Yes, I am no longer icky (which was a bit of a surprise after 2 weeks out, but it was a particularly lumpy sea) and we are bounding along feeling much more perky.  We even managed a better turn of speed overnight due a slight increase in wind (outside, obviously).
As you can tell from the focus on speed or lack of, we've not had a lot else on our minds lately as we are both starting to think well, ok, that's enough now, can we get off please?  Only to be expected at this stage of the game methinks.  Peaks and troughs and all that, bit like outside.  Anyhow, morale will surely be boosted further by the decision to fish for tonight's tea since those dorado are so yummy and we've eaten all the fresh meat bar one frozen chicken breast (there's a joke there I know it!).  All we need now is to perfect the slaughtering technique and we're laughing...I hope you all noted the pertinent line in day nine's blog: "when you've done something none too clever"?  Maybe I won't be so quick to volunteer to grab the damn thing by the tail this time.  Or the fish. 

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