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Date: 29 Dec 2006 16:29:02
Title: Day eleven - slowly slowly catchee monkey...

Noon position 18:19.8N 32:31.0W
Day's run a similar-to-yesterday 123nm
Not much to report today: no more fish (haven't fished as we still have fresh meat etc, and the flying fish are managing to hit the sea on landing), wind is still irritatingly just too much for the gennaker (for cautious folks like us anyway) and not really enough for the genoa, so slow progress being made. The ham of course is still marvellous and the sun is still shining (25 degrees today). The boats in our little fleet are all having trouble remaining in contact with each other as there's a lot of interference on the radio despite trying various frequencies, although we're just about managing to exchange position reports, but we can still talk quite easily to "Lena", a Swedish yacht that seems to be travelling at a similar speed to us and isn't too far away - we've never met them but they sound nice enough! Lena is also heading to Barbados, along with Malarkey who look like getting there some days before us - we left Las Palmas together but they're hundreds of miles ahead of us now. Mind you Malarkey is a 47ft boat with four on board and not handicapped by the weight of sausage we're carrying.
We're fast running out of paperbacks, which is bad news as I may have to resort to learning to play the guitar (again) or speaking Spanish properly (again) once they've all gone. Mmm.

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