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Date: 28 Dec 2006 17:17:48
Title: Day ten - all quiet on the Atlantic front

Noon position 18:38.7N 30:22.6W


Day’s run a slightly better 124nm, or an hour or so on a decent motorbike…


And there I was only yesterday delighting you with tales of the flying fish, when today we discovered one lying on the deck. I told you their re-entry left a bit to be desired, this one couldn’t even find the sea again! It was as dead as a dodo of course, as it had probably been lying on the deck for a while before we found it. You hear tales of people doing a deck inspection in the morning and collecting dead flying fish for breakfast, but unless they start appearing in larger numbers we’ll be sticking with toast – there’s not a lot of meat on them as you can see.


The wind picked up quite a bit last night so we’ve stuck with the genoa since yesterday lunchtime, which is working OK and we actually covered slightly more ground which is pleasing – still slower than anticipated mind you, and at this rate another two weeks or so to Barbados which doesn’t fill us with joy.

Still, the sun’s out and the sea’s not too big so it could be worse…

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