SV Accomplice Blog week 2 14/8 to 20/8

Wed 21 Aug 2019 08:42
SV Accomplice Blog week 2 14/8 to 20/8

We are writing now on passage across the Bay of Biscay. The lows that had persisted in the Channel and Bay finally moved on whilst the Azores high spread into the area. This enabled us to begin this passage yesterday and use the weather window to cross the fitful Bay.

Unlike Cherbourg, Roscoff was more of a delight, a historic port with medieval buildings and church and good watering holes! Needless to say Mike and Andrew Y, the beer experts, lead Andrew W astray!

It was opportune that we walked into a staged event on arrival in Roscoff, considering its a small place, we were treated to an evening with a Gaelic punk band, hairy legs and all, one night only! It was an interesting sound, but did have us singing/mumbling along! And Janet jigging!

We were also able to witness the blessing of the Roscoff fishing fleet, a parade of an assortment of vessels out of the harbour with singing and service on the harbour walls.

Time in port was spent well walking, waiting for buses, waiting for buses at the right stop, finally getting on buses, sight seeing, eating well and sampling beers. Not too much of an inconvenience really. Oh and keeping a watchful eye on the weather.

We said our farewells to Andrew Y on Saturday, realising that he wouldn’t be able to stay for the Bay crossing due to work commitments. We enjoyed our time with him, particularly his cooking! (Janet said that!).

Unfortunately Andrew leaving created a hugh problem for us, one we hadn’t prepared for...........Janet taking on cooking duties!! The good thing was that Mike and Andrew W have strong stomachs (and a medicine chest!);)

We were made 4 again with the arrival of Matthew S, welcomed off the Brittany ferry from Plymouth. Matthew is part of our extended family and we were pleased that he could join us for this passage and further passages down to Gran Canaria.

The passage out of Roscoff was under motor head to wind, confused seas at times on our navigation around the isle of Ouessant, off the very tip of Brittany. Janet continuing to struggle with sea sickness, she has been very thoughtful in directing her issue over the side and away from the teak decks! A direct course was set then for A Coruna, Spain in very light winds and NW swell. We are hoping that the easterly winds kick in soon and the motor takes a rest.

We have been entertained by dolphins on several occasions, and witnessed off the continental shelf, whale blow hole spouts in the distance, look out ahead for slumbering whales!

Andrew, Janet, Mike and Matthew
20.08.19 Bay of Biscay