More Boatyard Work

White Egret's Web Log
Thu 18 Jan 2007 20:48
White Egret spent most of January on the slip in English Harbour in Antigua having her rudder skeg repaired.

This had started to flex on the Atlantic passage and could be moved about an inch laterally with one's bare hands. Mark from Woodstock rebuilt her, watched over by Nik of Small Ship Consultants. Moody did the finishing work and she wash finally splashed again on 18th January in time for us break some other gear (see later posts).

This is what the skeg looked like after a lot of grinding - still showing water in the laminates:

TIFF image

but all is now shipshape and stronger than new.

Time to do some sailing and feel the breeze on one's back rather than the relentless heat reflected off the concrete of the boatyard.