Getting the house ready

Sun 18 Mar 2012 23:01

My Exec officer (Roni) pointed out that whilst I am busy in the engine compartments she is looking after the business and doing a lot of work preparing the houses for casting off.. To whit.... I spent a day in the cellar helping with the great clear out..

It is quite an emotional job clearing down our lives to the necessities and throwing out the junk whilst not destroying a record of ourselves.. Roni opened an old box to find a memento of childhood that she had forgotten about.. It threw the job is thrown into sharp focus.. "I did not know I still had that... So should I keep it?"

Throwing it away seems a betrayal of memories, yet at the same time we do not have the space or emotional energy to carry everything we ever touched so much of it has to be let go.. So on one hand it is liberating to create space to move about in.. On the other it is scary that we may regret casting something out..

I have, at this time to admit to being a hoarder myself.. My worst habit is to keep bits in the anticipation that I will be able to or need to use them.. However, once again the memory aspect comes into focus. I can't remember every drill, sheet of plywood, fixing or tap I have.. So why do I keep them? It takes a lot of effort to catalogue everything so it can all be found So mostly I buy new stuff when I do a job or need something as I can't find the bit I think I have but can't quite be sure...

All I do know is we have to get more organised to live on a boat!!!!!!!

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