s/y Miss Blue
Bengt/Ritva Björlin
Thu 2 Sep 2010 23:38

We have left Itaparica and the Bahia. We sailed up north in easterly winds and managed to proceed on one leg all the way up to Reciffe where we made just a few short tacks and then aimed for the entrance to Cabedelo harbour

We had a good sail with an average speed of 4,2 knots in winds around 20 knots.After five days at sea and 520 miles we anchored inside Cabedelo harbour at four o’clock in the morning and waited for daylight before we proceeded along the river Paraíba to Jacaré.

Here we met up with our sailor friend Nisse from s/y Kairos who had come a few days earlier from Rio de Janeiro. We hadn´t seen him since we were together at the island of Fernando de Noronha.

The wind is blowing and we have some smaller things to repair, fill up some more food and hopefully we will be ready in a few more days, and the winds more gentle so that we can continue our trip along the northern coast of Brazil.


A wet start on our way north to Jacaré