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s/y Miss Blue
Bengt/Ritva Björlin
Fri 22 Oct 2010 15:02
Dear Friends,

After spending five days for anchor at the Iles du Salut in the French Guyana we sailed for two days in very light winds to Suriname. When we could see the first bouy of the bouyed channel to the entrance of the Suriname River we suddenly had lots of wind and could sail all the 30 miles up to the capital city Paramaribo where we dropped the anchor for the night. The next day we continued up the river to the little village Domburg. Here we found several boats for anchor in the river of which some has been here for years. It is a very relaxed place where people of many cultures live together in harmony. There are some small shops and a few restaurants of which Ritas Restaurant has become the sailors favourite. Here they gather every afternoon at 5 pm. Most of the sailors have their lunch here as the prices are very reasonable.

We plan to stay here for a while until we will continue to Tobago and Trinidad.


For anchor at Ile Royal French Guyana


Early morning at Domburg Surinam River