Day 7 - Postion 16:36.375N 032:16.117W

Sun 30 Nov 2008 06:43
Today has been filled with lots of excitement here on Stravaig of Argyll -
we have seen one bird and three yachts!!!!! It is amazing how it is the
little things in our life that get us all excited these days - we are easy

Last night and after having consulted with the weather and wind department,
Tom, we took the executive decision to start heading west rather than south.
To do this we had to gybe. Now that might not sound very exciting to those
of you back home who lead such busy lives but for us out here in the mid
Atlantic this is a big event!! It can take 4 of us up to a whole 15 minutes
to gybe this boat and it involves us moving all sorts of limbs and other
body parts that we haven't had to use for days now! Alex was seriously
p....d off when he heard that we had missed the gybe while he was having his
afternoon cat nap!

We spoke with Bahavento early this afternoon. She is a Gorbon yacht owned by
a Mexican couple. She got very close to us and called us up on the VHF for a
chat which was nice. Late this afternoon we also spoke with Bombardino, A
Beneteau First 45 who was reasonably close by!

We are now a third of the way into or journey and if the ARC web site is to
be believed we are sitting 40th. After taking out the racing boats we are
sitting 28th. We're not sure how this is worked out and whether this takes
account of engine hours but if we end up 28th overall we'll be delighted.

Not much else to report today and only a couple of photos; One of Saturday's
sunrise, and a couple of trendy ones taken by Cameron of Scott and Stephen
on look out and of Grandpa!

More tomorrow.

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