Day 2

Mon 24 Nov 2008 21:14
The watch patterns meant that Stephen was on from 22.30 to 1.30, Scott was
on from 1.30am to 4.30am, Alex was on from 3am to 6am and Cameron was on
from 4.30 through to 7.30! The wind was a fairly steady 10/11 knots all
night from the NE so no real trouble. We were able to see a few ARC boats
and the odd cargo ship in the distance but the feeling was that we are
picking our way through the pack and heading closer to the front of the
fleet - famous last words!!!! The night skies here are quite unbelievable
given the lack of any light pollution. We saw some amazing shooting stars.
One early morning watch (Cameron, Tom and Stephen)also had dolphins swimming
on the bow of the boat. The sun rose at around 7am and it very quickly
became clear that this was going to be a lovely sailing day. North, North
Easterlies of around 13-15 knots - perhaps a bit light for some but perfect
for our second day! Cameron even managed to do some work Mr Roxburgh (see

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