Spanish Update 42.07.40N 08.50.58W

Peter and Sarah Shaw
Wed 17 Aug 2016 13:52

Well, here we are in Spain, a not so sunny Spain as it turns out. We had a good few days in Coruna as the Tall Ships Regatta was being held there, so there was plenty going on. Music every evening in the old town square, dancing and a huge fireworks display on Saturday evening, which was shrouded in thick fog. This just seemed to add to the drama as it was really quite an eerie spectacle.


We left Coruna on Sunday morning with an 08.30 start on a foggy damp morning which was a shame as we couldn’t see much of the coastline which is supposed to be quite lovely. We have decided to make a couple of stops on our way south to Portugal, so our first stop was Ria de Camarinas. As we anchored for the night the sun came out and the wind dropped so we had a very pleasant evening. We were kept company by Ken & Jenny on Lady Rebel and were joined later by the French Crew on Maryna.


 We left early next morning, in fog again, with light winds. Once again we couldn’t see the coastline which was disappointing. Baiona was our next planned stop which we reached after a day motoring and once again as we anchored the sun pushed through so we had a warm end to our day. We have spent a lovely two days here in Baiona and the town is really lovely. Lots of old granite buildings and narrow cobbled streets, very Spanish. We are planning our departure for this evening at about 7pm for an overnight passage to Porto ensuring that we will arrive with plenty of light and tide to take us up the Rio Douro into Porto. Looking forward to the port tasting we have planned whilst there !!


We have had a problem with our engine, which hopefully has now been resolved after a number of phone calls, locally and to Dave at Falmouth Yacht Brokers. After a worrying few hours and Peter disconnecting and reconnecting bits the problem seems to be sorted. The heating coil for the engine suddenly decided that it need to come on resulting in an ominous click rather than the comforting hum that we have become very used to hearing when starting the engine. We have informed rally control of the issue and they will be standing by in Porto should we have any further problems. A very comforting thought!!


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