La Palma

Peter and Sarah Shaw
Sun 9 Oct 2016 23:00

La Palma


There was a welcome party for the whole Barbados 50 fleet at the Club Nautico at the marina in Santa Cruz de la Palma. It was a lovely setting as we ate at large tables that had been arranged around the swimming pool in the gardens. A good night was had by all and I’m sure there were a few hangovers the following morning.


The marina here is very surgey, which meant it was fairly uncomfortable on board. Some of our fellow sailors are not feeling very well and there seems to be a flu/bug making its way through the fleet.


We went on a trip up into the forest and had a walk through to a beautiful waterfall. It was so quiet and peaceful and it felt good to have some exercise . All this sitting around is not so good, honestly.


We were absolutely thrilled to hear that Emma was going to be joining us for our leg to El Hierro so we picked her up at the airport after her transfer from Lanzarote. I’m not sure who was more excited, her or us !!


Whilst Peter was getting Stormbreaker ready for our next leg, Emma and I hit the Shopping in La Palma !! Well, we walked up and down the main street and had a coffee.


As the last port in the EU we had to Check out with Immigration in La Palma as they have no facilities to do this in El Hierro.


The weather forecast for the passage to the Cape Verde Islands is starting to give some concern to a few of the Skippers. There is a low coming up from the south which could be in the path of the boats. There is talk of leaving El Hierro early to avoid it.