Plymouth at last!

JC Azores 2008 - Cornet
Ron Westcott
Thu 29 May 2008 09:03
Position 50:21.869N 04:07.915W

Finally got to Plymouth creeping into the marina at Queens Anne Battery at
10.30 last night. Tuesday proved a good day which allowed me to load in
the dry. Wednesday started off awlfull - persisitent rain and wind on the
nose. Had to leave with initially a less than favourable tide around
Start Point to try and get the Plymouth in the light. As a result Sart
point was on the beam for hours and I was planning for a night out! The
evening, however, produced a fantastic sunset and a favourable tide that
got me in not too late.

I was begining to think I wwas going to fail at the first hurdle and not
even get to Plymouth!