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JC Azores 2008 - Cornet
Ron Westcott
Fri 6 Jun 2008 13:15
Position 49:28.055N 05:29.247W
Today is a beautiful day at sea with a 'champaign sailing' breeeze - just a pity I'm going the wrong way!  Back in channel chop now the 0cean swell well behind me.
I've being trying to get things into perspective.  If I had set out to sail 600 miles singlehanded down to South Biscay and back then I would be feeling well chuffed with what had being achieved and coming back with good data o what needs t be improved on the boat plus with better 'ocean skills' for me.  But, of course, I had set out to achive much more than that so feel pretty gutted - but it's all a matter of perspcetive I guess.
Should be back in Dartmouth Saturday. Simplistricxally I went to Plymtouth anf back to Dartmouth - all be it with 600 miles in between!