To Move or Not to Move

Barry Heath and Marie-Jeanne (Danielle) Peters
Fri 4 Sep 2009 16:16


To move and not to move

We intend to sail the boat back to Raiatea. We have easterly winds. In our bay we are very good protected and thought the wind calmed down a little bit. We have chosen to go by the east side of the island Tahaa, first due to the wind direction and second we haven’t seen that part. We struggle a little bit on the top of the island as the wind is up to 35 knots. We need the help of the motor to get us through he narrow channel. Once around we have the wind on the beam now and we enjoy a lovely sail down the coast. The sun is even showing up. So it doesn’t have forgotten Polynesia completely. The lagoon is shimmering in all the colours and we even can have a glimpse of Huahine. The motus look fantastic in the middle of all this pale blue water. The wind is still strong. As we wanted to go to the east coast of Raiatea we are not sure how the protection will be there. We think we will have a better shelter in the south of Tahaa and we decide to take a mooring at the yacht club. LAIKA is already there they have taken the east coast of Tahaa and had mostly the wind on the nose.

The afternoon we have a lot to observe. Charter boats approach the moorings in all the imaginable ways and shouting and screaming can be heard through the whole mooring field. LAIKA even went to help 2 elderly French couples where one man was shouting one woman but didn’t manage a correct handling of the boat or the mooring by himself. The nerves at blank they gave LAIKA hardly a thank you.

We go over for a quick drink to the yacht club which gives us the mooring for free. The yacht club is run by a much laid back American expat who lives since 40 years in Polynesia. He is helped by his son and his Polynesian girl friend. We are back to the boat where a more basic meal is prepared as the freezer is almost empty. We are back to the tinned food. Barry is a grateful eater so he doesn’t complain.

It is time to play card and Barry won the first games. He is happy – but not for long it is another defeat for England.

The next day the rain is back again and the wind also. We decide to stay another day here. It doesn’t make sense to sail over to Raiatea in these conditions. We can’t change it the weather is like it is…