Rain, Rain ... Rain

Barry Heath and Marie-Jeanne (Danielle) Peters
Wed 2 Sep 2009 16:14


Rain, rain and rain

The next two days were almost like the last days. We still have a lot of rain and strong winds. The tourists who booked a week in the wonderful resort just opposite of us on a little” motu” must be very frustrated. They will remember the South Sea as a wet cold and cloudy place. But as most of the tourists in this area are honeymooners they shouldn’t be too much bothered to stay all day long in the over water bungalows…

By the way we got the information that the spares will not arrive in time. They weren’t sent out yesterday as we thought they were.

The improvement in the weather was only for a short while then the rain and the wind were back.  So back to the reading, the knots and the card games.

We haven’t left the boat now for 5 days.

Another windy and wet night and another meal in our saloon.

The next days start with bad news concerning our steering problem. We are getting used to it and it is amazing how talented certain people are to mess things up and then trying to tell you it’s your own fault.

What is better is the weather. The sun is out again. We can see the resort on the motu of the other side of the lagoon. Still a little bit windy but it is getting definitely better.

We booked us a table in the resort. We get picked up by their stuff shuttle. The welcome is very overwhelming. We are received by our name and everyone of the staff knows who we are. A friendly manager shows us the bungalows which are stunning. He explains that the honeymooners who booked over water bungalows were so scared in the strong winds and the rain of the last days. They got plenty of calls in the reception where people asked if the bungalows would resist this weather. We enjoy a very pleasant and relaxing evening and everybody does it’s best to make us feel welcomed. A very nice experience after a few nasty days.

We take the shuttle back with the staff and have a good laugh together before we enjoy a dry and peaceful night filled with stars and the beautiful full moon.