Safe arrival in Cape Verde islands

S/Y Pelerin
Colin Speedie & Louise Johnson
Tue 11 Dec 2012 17:51
Arrived this morning after a 4 day sail from Dakar to Cape Verdes, with the usual mix of light and squally conditions through the passage.
So this note is just to let anyone reading that we got in safely, and we’ll write more soon when we’ve had a good sleep – both exhausted, but really happy to be here. We bypassed the island of Sal as it would have meant arriving at night, never a good idea in harbours were navigation lights are possibly not maintained (and wrecks litter the anchorage). We continued on making the most of the great north-easterly trade winds and came straight to Sao Vicente, one of the main islands towards the north-west of the archipelago. So we’ll write more soon… now sleep (after a swift G&T, of course).