February 7th

Ship of the Desert
Tomlinson Clan
Sun 8 Feb 2009 09:38

22:39.5s 14:36.5e


After the tequilas from last night, courtesy of ‘The Boys’, we packed up camp for the last time and continued our trek once again, getting closer and closer to civilisation.  Paul took the wheel for the last dune driving and took us through some fabulous ones.  Lots of cars got stuck, Dyf’s tyre came off the rim, others got their bellies stuck on the start of the slip face.......everyone blamed the tequilas!


Eventually we arrived at Sandwich Bay and knew there was not far to go.  As we admired our view, a pick up truck came into sight shortly followed by another car.  People!!!  We hadn’t seen any other humans since we had left Luderitz on the 2nd!!  We watched them as they drove along the beach and then gazed on with sheer amazement as they started heading into the dunes. It didn’t take long for them to get stuck in the softer sand a few dunes in.  Len, went in to rescue them.  I dread to think what may have happened had we not been there.


The dunes called to us once more and in we went, up and down all the way until we dropped down on to the beach. There we passed some salt pans which were the most incredible colour of pink.  As the wind whistled by us, it felt like the dunes were whispering their farewells,  and before we knew it, our beach became a track, the track became a dirt road and the dirt road became a road....we knew we had left our desert well and truly behind us. 


We pulled up at the Walvis Bay Yachting Club for lunch.  It was a rustic scene and there we ate what we were given........the most SUPERB fish and squid, just caught.  We then said our farewells to most of our fellow trekkers as we jumped on a boat and went for a journey on the sea.  Some very cheeky seals decided to board our vessel and we gave them some fish.  We somehow even managed to get them to give us a hug!  They dived off the side and left us to continue the enjoyment of our little excursion.  Having been in the desert without water, here we were sitting in the middle of the  Atlantic Ocean!


Caspar, Doug and Kenneth decided they hadn’t had enough adventure for one holiday and went off quad biking in some dunes near to our next place of rest.  Needless to say, they were daredevils and flew caution to the wind!


That evening we stayed in Swakopmund and were joined for dinner by four of our fellow trekkers and we were treated once more to some fabulous fish, this time Kingclip.  En route to the restaurant we experienced the most wonderful sunset I have ever seen in my entire life.  The sky didn’t look real at all, it was orange, red, pink....... and then it became a melange of all these colours.  What a triumphant way to mark the end of our trek through the desert.


If I were to be marooned on a desert island, this adventure would provide me with plenty of amusement to keep a smile on my face and enough special memories to last me many a year!