February 3rd

Ship of the Desert
Tomlinson Clan
Tue 3 Feb 2009 20:51

25:08.4s 14:51,6e


We left camp at 9.30am this morning on Caspar’s 22nd birthday!  I elected to drive the first half of the day and was rewarded with the greatest challenge of the desert trek to date.


Some of the dunes we travelled down were almost perpendicular! The guide led us up one dune where we were lucky enough to experience making our cars go sideways at great speed in the sand, being careful not to fall off the edge of the dune, and then very quickly we had to straighten up, maintaining our speed so we could get up a very steep hill without rolling the car...... it was absolutely FANTASTIC fun! Lots of people got stuck and two nearly rolled their cars!  It was very exciting stuff! We also drove over quite a few Jackals!!!!


After lunch, Paul took over the driving...........for a while....... and then I somehow ended up behind the wheel again!  The dunes were beautiful and the drive for the three of us was just amazing!  Douglas took to the wheel in Francois’ car and off we all went in search of the sea.


This we found,  and gazed in amazement at the dunes falling off into the sea.  It was breath taking scenery.  Some of us braved the coldness of the sea with our toes and such, and then combed the beach looking for shells. We finally all settled down around the campfire having watched the sun go down and as we retired, we quietly reflected on the wonderful adventures of the day.