Next step

Norman Carter
Fri 19 Mar 2010 18:52
We arrived in the Galapagos on the 9th march and have been diving and touring Santa Cruz but elected not to go on an extended islands cruise as we were reluctant to leave Norsa at anchor for more than one day.
The area is teeming with wild life butI I think that we have seen sufficient tortoises!
Did you know that a tortoise can take 5 hours to make love and the chap we saw at it was 120 years old --------hope for me yet!
We had our crossing the line celebrations and dressed up accordingly and when we have learnt how we will add some pictures to this blog, so we are now in the Southern Hemisphere and the water is going down the plug hole the other way!
The next leg - to the Marquesas will take 20-25 days and we will leave about the 23rd so as usual there are a number of jobs to sort beforehand.
We will look to leave the boat for a couple of months in the Society Islands,and come home to catch up with everything and everybody, something that we are both looking forward to
Our loose plan is to return to Norsa and sail her to New Zealand where will leave her for a period. Hopefully a good excuse to explore NZ by sea and by land.
Maybe some southern hemisphere skiing?
Will write more on passage