After the second night

Wed 24 Jul 2013 07:04
The last 12 hours have been particularly tough for both crews.
After battling into a stiff 10-15 knot wind and white capped seas night fell and brought with it a welcome drop in the weather conditions allowing both crews to start making forward progress again.
Overnight the 16mm stainless steel bolt that is the pivot for the steering foot of Danielle sheared off. How there was enough force in the foot steering to snap this metal bolt in half is a mystery but the crew have been able to affect an effective repair and after a brief pause are now making good progress towards Ibiza.
Also overnight Doug Love of Team Danielle stumbled and briefly fell overboard being helped back on board again rapidly by the rest of the crew.
The crews are now getting ever closer to Ibiza and a few moments ago the support yacht spotted the neighbouring island of Mallorca on the horizon. It won’t be long before the crews are able to see Ibiza, their final destination.
Despite the problems with their steering team Danielle have been able to retake the lead from team Isabel. Morale remains of a medium level with this morning the crews describing their mood state as “on the quiet side of chirpy, but we’ll get there.”
They are both receiving text messages from loved ones and would love to receive more, so please keep ‘em coming.