The race starts again

Tue 23 Jul 2013 10:23
After an early lead, over the last few hours team Danielle have seen their lead slashed by team Isabel who have really picked up the pace. It is unprecedented that after more than 24 hours of non-stop, flat out rowing that both crews are so close to each other.
The NOMAN crews neck-a-neck at 11:00 local time Tues 23rd July after rowing for 25 hours.
Just before midday team Danielle called in their secret weapon. As a thank you to the crew for raising the larger amount for the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation, team Danielle have just received their special pack of refreshments. 5 ice cold cans of Coca Cola and 5 chilled apples have just been delivered to Danielle. It’s expected that these treats will reinvigorate team Danielle may well surge them into the lead for the second time.
The crews are now just over half way with 66nm to go but with the wind set to increase against the crews how the crews cope with the conditions over the next 24 hours will be critical to who will emerge victorious.