St Pierre to Dominica

ARC 2014 Blog for Yacht 'Jo'
Ted Watts/ Mark Watts
Wed 21 Jan 2015 15:25

Wednesday 31 December


We left Fort de France, on the SW side of Martinique to travel just 15 miles up the coast to Saint Pierre, near the north end of the island so that when we leave tomorrow for Dominica, it will shorten the journey.  St Pierre is a much quieter anchorage.  Ted dropped the three of us ashore to have a look around and buy a few supplies and agreed that he would look out for us on our return.  When we arrived back at the pick-up point we were amazed to see that Ted had raised the anchor and was moving the boat!  Was he going off without us – had he had enough?  No, apparently the boat was dragging her anchor, having been perfectly stationary all night.  


St Pierre on Martinique