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ARC 2014 Blog for Yacht 'Jo'
Ted Watts/ Mark Watts
Sat 6 Dec 2014 18:32

Saturday 6th December 2014

This morning brought fresh and consistent force 4 winds from the south east. As a consequence we are screaming along (8-9 knots), on a two (white) sail reach. After yesterday’s high drama it’s nice to settle back into a rhythm.  Although we lived aboard the yacht for a week before we set off, it has taken a further week at sea to feel properly at ease and settle into our various routines. For the first time since we set off I feel as though we could just ‘carry on sailing’ (oooh matron!) so long as we don’t run out of beer of wine. Alastair says to mention more dolphins!


This morning like many others revealed bits of flying fish on the deck, but in addition, we found a whole one which we’ve photographed to show you just how odd they are. They have huge eyes and specially adapted lateral fins which really do look like wings. The other clever trick they look as though they’ve adapted is their tail fin; the lower half is longer than the upper half as though they can use it as a rudder to steer. The one in the photo is approximately 30cm long.


So far as the fishing goes, it has been abysmal. I’ve blamed it on going too fast and going too slow, but I’m fast running out of excuses! We’re using a simple trolling rig (30lb) with various squid lures on the surface. Admittedly we’ve been smashed up twice, but that doesn’t explain why we’re not catching the smaller ones? Answers on a postcard to .....