Arrived at South Caicos

Mithril of Newhaven
Roy and Madeline Hibberd
Sun 3 May 2015 14:22

21:29.502N 71:32.378W

A day late posting this. We arrived at Cockburn Harbour, South Caicos on Friday afternoon and cleared in. Quite a walk to Immigration and just as well we asked the way on route, the directions from Customs would have had us going in completely the wrong direction.

A sleepy dusty place, extremely hot and many contradictions, shacks and brand new hummers driving around. We saw free roaming horses taking shelter from the sun under a tree but no chickens. The first island where we havent seen chickens wandering everywhere, even in restaurants. Roy thinks the poorer people have eaten them all.

Anchored in only 3m of water, beautifully clear but seems strange as it is a huge expanse of water, almost feels like you are anchoring in the ocean.